URL: http://drinkdruid.com/
Technology: Kohana
Title: Cocktail Recipes — Drinkdruid
Description: Come to Drinkdruid to find drink recipes for the most popular cocktails

URL: http://20g.eu
Technology: Kohana
Title: Internet slang directory | 20g
Description: The internet slang directory that contains all the terms of the modern dialect of the net worth knowing

URL: http://boomboomboat.com
Technology: Kohana, jQuery [UI], Twitter Bootstrap
Title: BoomBoomBoat: Online battleship game
Description: BoomBoomBoat.com is the only online and multiplayer battleship game in HTML5 worth playing

URL: http://fpscourier.gr/
Technology: Kohana, jQuery
Title: FPS - Courier Services.
Description: FPS courier application handling specialists webpage.

URL: http://tazwdia.gr
Technology: Kohana, jQuery
Title: Zwdia | Daily astrological predictions.
Description: -

URL: http://molonoti.gr
Technology: Drupal, jQuery
Title: Know what resides behind the news.
Description: Greek news portal.

URL: http://ifigeniapostolopoulou.gr
Technology: Codeigniter, jQuery
Title: Ifigeneia Apostolopoulou
Description: The personal gallery of painter Ifigeneia Apostolopoulou.

URL: http://vro.gr
Technology: Drupal, jQuery
Title: VRO.gr - Where questions find their answers.
Description: Vro.gr is a site that enables its users to ask questions and answer questions posted by other users.

URL: http://sport-week.gr
Technology: Drupal, jQuery
Title: Sport-week - Greek sports portal
Description: The online form of the greek sports newspaper Sportweek

URL: http://varos24.gr
Technology: Codeigniter, jQuery
Title: Ideal weight | Ideal weight calculator
Description: Calculate the BMI and fat percent of a person, plus a food calorie database.

URL: http://left-y.com
Technology: Codeigniter, jQuery
Title: Lefteris Yiakoumakis | left-y.com
Description: The personal portfolio of Greek painter Lefteris Yiakoumakis.

URL: http://eurozap.gr
Technology: PHP, jQuery
Title: Eurozap.gr | Currency converter
Description: Currency converter, currency graphs.